Liquid Coast End of Summer Sale!

Posted by Liquid Coast on 8/17/2017 to News
Liquid Coast End of Summer Sale!

For three Days only! Take 20% off your entire order when you useCoupon Code: Summer.

This sale starts Now! 08/14/2017 and will end this Saturday at midnight 08/16/2017

So don’t wait! We have Starter kits  , coils , accessorizes  and Hundreds of Premium E liquids on Sale.

Any VG/PG or Nicotine level. Most 120ml bottles are usually around $39.95 depending on the store you shop.

Here at Liquid Coast our everyday price on the 120ml bottle is only $19.95 with Free Shipping and if you act quickly you can take another 20% off your entire order.  


About our E liquids:  

Our E-Liquids are made from  US Pharmacopoeia  Grade Propylene glycol. Sometimes called PG. It is a clear, colorless liquid. . Propylene glycol is used in flavor solutions and extractions.  It’ can also be found in many baby care products,  toothpaste and mouth washes  among many other personal care items. We also use  US pharmacopoeia  Grade vegetable glycerin which is extracted from vegetable oils. VG is clear and colorless with a naturally sweet taste. It is digested easily  and is often used as a substitute for sugar in soft drinks and coffee & tea flavors. Here at Liquid Coast, we spare no expense to bring you the finest E liquid ingredients that money can buy. So Please try one of our E liquids today and be sure to tell your friends about us.