Quitting Smoking ….Is it too late ?

Posted by Liquid Coast on 1/15/2017 to News
Quitting Smoking ….Is it too late ?

Unless you live under a rock, everyone should know by now smoking is bad for you. everyone who smokes has talked about quitting at one time or another. but surprisingly, many people feel like its too late. they have been smoking too long and to quit now would be of no help to them. True or False ?  Well here is what a few well known and some not so well know have said about this subject.

Dr OZ –  Your health begins to improve rapidly when you quit smoking, so it’s never too late to quit. For instance, studies show that people who stop using tobacco at age 65 tack on two to four years to their life expectancy. The health benefits of quitting smoking begin almost immediately. Within 20 minutes of your last cigarette, your blood pressure and heart rate drop. Within half a day, your blood levels of tobacco toxins are reduced too. In the months to come, your lung function will improve, so you’ll have more energy to enjoy life. And at the one-year anniversary, your risk for heart attacks will be slashed in half. The benefits of quitting continue to accrue over time, as your risk for deadly cancers and other diseases drops with each passing year. Quitting smoking today is an investment in your future, no matter what your age.

Web MD Health News . Reviewed by Elizabeth Klodas, MD, FACC – The risk of dying from smoking-related causes drops significantly within just a few years of giving up cigarettes, even for longtime smokers, new research shows. Within five years of quitting smoking, study participants experienced a 13% reduction in the risk of death from all causes, a 47% risk reduction in heart disease-related deaths, and a 27% reduction in the risk of death from stroke. Within 20 years of quitting, the risk of dying among former smokers was similar to that of lifetime nonsmokers for most causes of death, with the exception of lung cancer. The findings suggest that it is never too late to derive health benefits from giving up smoking, says researcher Stacey A. Kenfield, ScD, of the Harvard School of Public Health. The study appears in the May 7 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association. “The most dramatic decreases in mortality were seen within the first five years for many diseases and the risk kept declining over time,” Kenfield tells WebMD.

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Well That’s what a few have said about quitting smoking ……But you be the judge!