Premium E liquid or lipstick on a pig ?

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Premium E liquid or lipstick on a pig ?

Premium E liquid or lipstick on a pig ?  What does lipstick on a pig mean ? Its a very old expression. basically it means if you put lipstick on a pig. its still a pig. It doesn’t magically become beautiful. Why am i writing about this ? and what does it have to do with Premium E juice ?  Its pretty simple but lets go back in time a little. About 6 years ago or so. I was first starting out in the Electronic cigarette business and quickly finding out there was no easy way to get ranked on Google so customers could find my product. The reason is they don’t let you use advertising like ad words and pay per click programs. For you who don’t know what I’m talking about. Its those advertisements you see when you google a product. Right before the ad it says Ad and then you see the advertisement. well the person who’s advertising  pays for that.every time you click on that ad. That person pays for that click. And if they pay the right amount that ad will get on the first page every time. Depending on what search words they are using and what search words the consumer is searching. (Example) If you search Tee shirts and my keyword is Tee shirt you see my ad first. The advertisements that don’t have the little Ad sign next to them are called. Organic. Meaning a lot of work went into getting that ad/article/what ever you’re trying to sell. on that first page. Its called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Because certain products. like Electronic Cigarettes are not allowed to be advertised according to Google policy. So in my search for different ways to get my companies name out. I noticed people were getting their products reviewed by different reviewers on YouTube. And then I noticed some reviewers had like 20,000 to 300,000 subscribers and some product reviews were being seen by thousands and thousands of people. Wow this is great. all i have to do is get a good reviewer with a lot of subscribers to review my products. Piece of cake. The first guy I wrote to was Dan from Dans real cig reviews and Dans real vape reviews. * Note* Dan no longer does cig or vape reviews because he pissed off big tobacco!! and they sued him for using the Name Real Cigs or something to that effect. Only Dan and the ones who sued him know for sure. The point is he doesn’t do it anymore! So anyway i reached out to him and asked if he would review some products for me. He agreed and I sent him a ton of stuff. And then I waited and waited and waited. Seems Dan had a lot of reviews to do and had a full time job and a family. So i would check his reviews everyday waiting to see mine. And then all of a sudden I noticed a review he did for a certain company. I wont name names. But they got like over 300,000 Views. Holy crap!!!  Every bodies going to see their  product…..this is great. They are going to be rich !!  Rich I tell ya!  Then I actually watched the video. And all i remember hearing and don’t quote me on this but what i heard was. I wouldn’t vape these E cigs if they were free!!!  I don’t remember much after that. The hair on the back of my neck stood up! Panic set in. I may have even shit myself!!  My first thought was. How do I get my product back before he reviews it! If he gives me a bad review. I’m ruined !!!!  I was freaked out for Weeks waiting and hoping my product got lost in the mail. Then I came to a realization.  My product is good!  At least I believe it is. I mean the Starter kits and Pre filled cartridges were made in China. but I did my research and found the biggest and best factory you could for Electronic cigarette products. And if he gives me a horrible review maybe my product sucks and I should get out. Either way I’m going to find out something. Now everyone should know a couple of things before we go much further. First of all taste is subjective. Not everyone likes the same flavor. some might say its the best ever and some may say. Not for me. The problem is Dan!!!  Dan doesn’t lie and cant be bought. One of his subscribers once said. ” I could listen to Dan read a phone book”  Its true. Dan had a way of speaking from the heart and his Charisma. was second to None. The problem with Dan is. He was so credible.  And trusted. He had followers. If he said it was good then they believed him. If he said not so good.  well that’s not what a product or a shop owner wants to hear. Well the big day arrived and I looked on you tube and I see my products. Here comes my review.  Mind you I had a different company back then so don’t go looking for Dan’s review on Liquid Coast. You wont find one.

I hit the play button and here we go!  One of the first things  he notices is the product flavor isn’t on the package. and starts with….That’s strange. I don’t even know what flavor I’m reviewing. well I guess its this or maybe that. Now I’m freaking out!! And talking to my computer!!!  hey Dan …. didn’t you get my letter with all the product information?  The manufacture screwed up! They didn’t put the flavor on the package. Big freaking deal. There’s only three starter kits. The Green one is Menthol Genius ! The red is my similar to Marlboro and the brown is tobacco. How hard is that to figure out. plus when the customer orders off my website they see the flavor. they picked the flavor from a drop down box. Holy cow!!!

Then he Takes the first hit and say’s…Hmm Thats pretty decent. Let me try that again. Huh I’m really impressed. This might be the best E cig i ever tasted.  Now I’m dancing around the living room. Then he says let me try theses other ones. Theses are really good. I mean they taste like well not a real cigarette because I don’t think any electronic cigarette does. but this ones a winner. And he ended up breaking the video into 2 different videos. The next morning my sales were off the Hook!!!  I miss you Dan I really do. You really launched my business. As of right until i recently sold that business i would still see comments in some orders saying . I seen your product on Dans vape review!!  Why did I bring this up?

What does this have to do with putting lipstick on a pig ?  Well we are finally there. Almost!!  So I’m trying to launch my new site and looking for the next Dan. The biggest problem I find nowadays is when a good reviewer get thousands of subscribers they all of a sudden open their own line or partner up with a Juice company. Its almost always the kiss of death for them. I’ve seen history repeat itself time after time with reviewers. They go into business and lose their credibility. Now they are biased. they loose the public’s trust.

So anyway I decided to look for a reviewer as a way to advertise my new site. Matter of fact. I just sent a load of samples out. In our Email discussions this particular reviewer mentioned that he not only reviews the product but also the packaging!  Thats cool i guess!!  Except my labels aren’t so pretty. I mean the packaging itself is great as far as we use Tamper resistant and child proof caps on our bottles and warning labels but the labels themselves arent pretty. I had the really sick looking ones in the past. Gold leaf foil labels Glass bottles. Some even Frosted. You see a lot of that. But heres where I’m coming from!! Its expensive and the more it cost the more you the consumer are going to pay. I Use the Finest ingreadiants that money can buy. My E liquids  are made with Pharmacopoeia grade and kosher grade ingreadiants. Its made in a real lab not someones Garage. Its made right here in the USA. Even our Flavor Cartridges. are made with fresh Premium E liquid.  I mean I love the way a lot of other companies labels look. But we have or are capable of making over 1,000 flavor combinations. most companies have between 10 and 50 flavors. Thats a lot of labels and bottles. So they charge you accordingly. usually around  $24.95 for a 60 ml bottle We don’t and I wont! Thats too dam much. The BOTTOM line is not how pretty the package is. But what are you putting in your Tank? We sell Premium E liquid but we don’t charge a premium price. So its not to say everyone with a really great looking bottle/label/package is selling crap. Because that’s not true. But a lot of companies are more concerned with the package and not whats in it. And that my friends is the difference between buying Premium E liquid and putting lipstick on a pig!

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