Steeping your E juice Video

A few Tried and True methods for Steeping by Liquid Coast.

Method #1: If you have the time and patience open the top of the bottle and let your new e juice breathe a little. Then replace the cap and let it sit in a dark place for a week or so. Shake the bottle occasionally. The longer it sits the darker it will get and the bolder the flavors will taste.  

Method #2: In a container capable of handling hot water. Fill with enough hot water to cover the bottom of the e juice bottle. (DO NOT BOIL) Pop the cap off the bottle as to let the juice breathe a little. Then sit the bottle into the hot water until it completely cools. Then pop the top again to breathe. Replace the cap once more and shake well. Now let it sit overnight. Try it the next day. You will notice how the flavors come alive as they mix well. For a stronger bolder flavor repeat and let it sit longer. If using Nicotine you will notice the color change from light to dark to very dark. 

** Note ** In the video above we recommend #4 as the best method for steeping and is used by many on our staff.